Cute Girl with Tears - m4w (Velevet Court)

I was sitting by the windows looking at the light splashing against the glass, blinding my eyes. I wasn’t listening to music. At the next stop you got on the train and sat in the seat opposite mine. I saw you but you didn’t notice and I could not stop myself from looking at you again and again.
You looked gorgeous.
At the next stop the man beside you stood up and left, so you put your bag on his seat.

I looked again and you felt my gaze. you were shy so you grabbed your phone and played with it.
you wore black, you had big eyes and nice naked ankles.
I could follow the curves of your body from your ankles, a nice, fit and elegant body. you had brown hair, I guess you don’t really care about your hair and I like that.
i know you were looking at me too; physically, we are very similar. I am tall and skinny, brown hair and dark eyes. people say opposites attract. but maybe physical similarities attract as well.
I want to connect with you. i want to believe like that we will meet again. maybe in another city somewhere around the globe, where we would be free to love each other. i am not sure if i believe in love. some people do though. but i think our generation believes in connections rather than love as a posture, love as a whole. it is just matter of time zones meeting at the right spot on the map, something like that.
In the moment where each of your words take a place in your head and agree to the meaning that we give to things in general, someone you may have loved will cross several time zones.

I looked at you again and again but after some time you started crying.
I understood why you looked so concerned. I didn’t know what to do, I felt it would have been inappropriate to say something but I could have cried with you, to show you how much I care. You touched me so deeply.
No one around paid attention. I felt the world and its sadness but mostly I was sad for you. It reminds me my own sadness too. I think you noticed I saw you crying and felt you gazed at me again. Maybe you liked me too, maybe you knew that in better times you would have looked back at me and smiled. I can see how beautiful you are when you smile. Your body looks amazing, strong and sexual.
You were wearing a casual black shirt tight jeans and black sneakers.

I remember the curve of your back and your neck like a fragile twisted line. your tights also, I remember your tights.
then you left and disappeared into the day. can’t get you out of my head but first i wish all your problems away.