Mind The Gap

The spatial arrangement designed by Jean-Pascal Flavien, which consists of an exhibition surface and a projection, connects the exhibition space A SPACE IS A SPACE IS A SPACE with the digital space Mind the gap. The flexible and inclusive digital space presents artistic, critical, graphic and architectural proposals, as well as their physical equivalents within the exhibition, thus promoting an antagonistic concept of space extending beyond oppositions such as public/private, real/virtual and inside/outside. Following the logic of comic theorist Scott McCloud, the meaning lies in the gap between two images, in the space interval itself.

With: Peggy Buth / Natalie Czech / Alicia Frankovich / Jean-Pascal Flavien / Markus Miessen / Joanne Pouzenc / Revue JBCQVF / Clémence de la Tour du Pin / Vanessa Safavi
Curated by Céline Poulin

Spatial concept: Jean-Pascal Flavien
Website design: Jeremy Muratet-Decker

If you want to participate, please send your proposal dealing with public space as a discursive platform to:

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Mind the Gap is part of the project :


a performative and narrative exhibition meant to probe notions of social context, public space and performance as possible discursive platforms. It orchestrates a polyphony of perspectives relating to staged realities and consists of several parts that take place in: the physical space of the DAZ, the urban environment on the banks of the river Spree, the Internet and in the magazine JBCQVF.

Curators: Karima Boudou, Céline Poulin, Agnès Violeau
Spatial Concept: Jean-Pascal Flavien
Assistant: Pauline Portrait
Coordination: Laura Holzberg
Artistic direction: Marc Bembekoff (Curator), Matthias Böttger (DAZ),
Cathy Larqué (Bureau des arts plastiques et de l‘architecture, Institut français)
An exhibition developed in the context of the Jeunes Commissaires program